Mar 2016

5 Must-Dos for Garage Door Services Business in 2016


Garage Door Service Business in 2016:

Are you planning to join the growing army of garage door installation service providers in the US? Here are a few factors you need to keep in mind, in order to get the most out of your new business, apart from investing in a work order scheduling software for garage door businesses:

  1. Location is crucial: As an installation service provider of garage doors, your primary target market consists of home and business owners in your city and the surrounding regions, unless you happen to have offices across the US. In the beginning, start small. Your number one goal should be to become THE service provider that everyone in the neighbourhoods around your office goes to, whenever there is any kind of problem with garage doors. Make sure that prospective clients in your town and the surrounding regions call you when they are in trouble. Doing this is easier than you might think. Keep the service standards consistently high and word of mouth from satisfied customers should take care of the rest.
  2. Having a website is mandatory: We have seen many of our clients who run garage door related services rely on their Yelp pages to spread the word about their businesses. A Yelp page is definitely excellent for building credibility. However, a website is like a business card these days - if you don’t have one, many prospective clients might ignore your business. Building a website is easy with free WordPress themes, or, without spending a dollar.
  3. Getting customer feedback is necessary: Be sure to train your employees on ways to get customer feedback without hassling them. This will go a long way in building up the reputation of your business. Spend some of your capital in training them. It’s a worthy investment. Also, you can use a mobile friendly work order management application, which the employees can use in the field to record customer feedback, among other details.
  4. Consistently track your competitors: Considering the number of garage door service businesses there are in the US, it is quite possible that a few of them are operating in the same region as you. Also, many of them probably target the same market as you do. You can use a QuickBooks integrated work order management software to gain an edge over them.
  5. Use technology to streamline your business: If you want to improve your profit margin, keep in mind that technology is your friend. There are a number of affordable software programs that can help you track your profits and find out about market trends as well. Paperless work order scheduling software for garage door business can, for instance, help you maintain records of assignments and invoices in a flawless manner.

Keep these facts in mind and you should be able to launch and run a successful garage door service business, keeping customers happy and maintaining flawless records of profits and invoices on a regular basis. Also, do check out our software before you look around for other options.

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