Mar 2017
Need a tool to help you grow your business - meet Field Promax

Field service business is an ever-growing industry across the world, driven by the constant increase of machinery and equipment we regularly use at our homes, offices, hospitals, etc. For their proper maintenance and much needed fixing and replacement, field service businesses need smarter ways to manage their work orders.

So are you one of many managers who struggle with organizing efficiently their technicians’ schedule? Do you have difficulties to satisfy your customers?

Here is our solution for your concerns

Field Promax is a field service management software, which is smartphone compatible and can help a field manager in  service scheduling, order analysis, work order management, coordination with clients, syncing data with Quickbooks and many more activities for better turnaround time and efficient rendering of managerial responsibilities. Field Promax unlike other field service management softwares, allows its users to operate their business with its two versions, one is Quickbooks Integrated version and the other is standalone version, giving users the freedom to sync their data.  This handy and user friendly business software helps a professional in managing his office work with better efficiency, even from his mobile. Furthermore, it IS ONE OF THE MOST AFFORDABLE AND FEATURE-RICH FIELD SERVICE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET.

Overview of Field Promax features

  1. Easy and fast scheduling and dispatching – create or reassign a work order on any device as soon as you get a service call

  2. Team management - Check location of each of your technicians and assign them work orders close to their location to save time on travelling and stay updated on where your technicians are at any given moment

  3. Invoicing and Quickbooks integration - generate a PDF version of the invoice right from the application and send it to you customer for payment.

  4. Customer management - Satisfy your customers with accurate service history and detailed information tracking of all their equipment you service.

Who is Field Promax for

This software is most suitable for service managers, field managers, as well as field technicians. However, those who work for customer care and in after sales department of different industries will get excellent advantage out of its meticulous use.

Our software is being used by service businesses and companies across multiple industries and of all sizes to manage their businesses efficiently and professionally. Field Pro Max comes with a broad range of features that help you track and manage work orders from any place with a stable Internet connection, which enables you to communicate with your field technicians any time you want. Field Promax is extremely easy-to-use software that your can get used to instantly.

How does it work

Field Promax offers the perfect solution to all service business needs. It connects administrators, field technicians and customers in order to provide an efficient way to manage their work orders. It delivers cutting edge technology to field service managers to help them ensure perfect service to their customers. With Field Promax field service management software you can drive growth and revenue by streamlining work orders.

Your business can thrive and grow exponentially with Field Promax, because we combine the power of your workforce with our software strength. Get your Field Promax software and revolutionize the way you do business!

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