Jul 2015
Benefits of Using Field Promax as Work Order Management Software

In the business era of today, Field Promax is considered one of the ideal work order management software made to help people related to field service businesses. This particular software helps field service business companies to make, enhance and dispatch their work order to their customers as well as field workers in an appropriate manner. Field managers are also able to produce sale invoices and manage massive workload effortlessly by the help of this amazing software. By managing massive workload effortlessly, field managers are able to complete the work orders within the given time period of the client.

Field Promax also helps field managers to keep track of dispatched work orders until it is delivered to client. If you are using Field Promax, your field employees will be able to receive and send work order statuses which are assigned to them in an effective manner. Field Promax software has gained popularity among field service business owners due to its ease of installation on any smartphone, laptop and tablet.

Field Promax also allows field managers to sync their customers details and other work order related entries from QuickBooks effectively. By the help of this work order management software, field managers are able to assign and schedule work orders to the field workers and technicians with ease. They will also be able to dispatch work reports to the project manager’s smartphone with the help of this effective software. Moreover, they will also be able to monitor the work statuses when the field workers update them. Some other beneficial features of Field Promax are described below:

Synchronize Data from QuickBooks

Many field service business companies around the globe are using several systems to manage their business data properly. However, doing this may lead to chances to miscalculations and errors in data and revenue management for sure. Field Promax is capable of using integrated workflow approach to manage the field service based businesses with ease. It allows field service businesses to sync their data with their customers and field workers by the help of using QuickBooks effortlessly. Paperless job schedules are also able to be created by field managers using Field Promax in an effective manner. After completion of work orders, Field Promax will help you post the work order completion report and also produce an invoice in QuickBooks effortlessly.

Better Work Scheduling

Drag and drop work scheduling platform in Field Promax simply allows field managers to view and check which field worker or technician is available and also rapidly develop work orders effectively. After scheduling of work, field managers are able to keep their clients updated by an email about their work order status through this software.

Stay Connected with Workers

Field Promax effortlessly help the field managers to stay connected with field workers and technicians. Field workers are also able to inform their field managers regarding completion of work orders by sending them emails with the help of this software.

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