Jul 2017
Build Customer Relations through Marketing

In the service sector, it is imperative to establish good and long term customer relationships. Marketing is probably the last department to get recruited in any new start up whereas it should be the first to be filled. Without marketing, it is not possible to gauge whether you will be a success or not.

Customer relations involve not only impeccable servics but also building a foundation of trust. To develop such an equation with your existing customers requires not only simple one-to-one business-customer management but also, different marketing techniques.

This blog post will cover some of the most important ways to engage your customers and attract new ones.


The first and the most important step towards building a strong and reliable customer network is to have a strong brand. For service sectors, brand conceptualisation should not only involve the niche you are catering to, but also specifics such as your name, your logo and the way you market yourself. By having a coherent brand image, you can ensure that your customers see you as more than a singular entity and are able to recognise you as a company.

Short term campaigns

Short term marketing campaigns have a life of a week to 10 days. These allow you to get the word out there that you are up and open for business. These also allow you to understand the demographics of your target area. For instance, if you get a good response immediately, you know that you will be able to generate enough traction. If not, then you might want to consider increasing your target area.

Long term campaigns

Long term campaigns are more about keeping in touch with customers that you already have. What this entails is sending continuous updates to customers about new services, updates, regular maintenance and so on. The best medium for such campaigns are emails and text messages. But what needs to be recognised is that such campaigns need to be balanced. The customers should not feel overwhelmed with irrelevant information. So, make sure you space out these conversations so that they feel relevant and informed.

Social Media

In today's time, it is impossible to have any coherent and successful marketing campaign without the help of social media. Mediums like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn have become the new way of reaching out to people and creating an impact. Your social media image needs to be vibrant and trendy so that it attracts people but not too dynamic so as to cause a de-link between your target audience and your services.


The best and most effective way to ensure a successful marketing campaign is to collect timely and regular feedback for your services. This will inform your marketing and the updation will help customers feel like you are in touch with their requirements. Customer feedback is an integral part of marketing and is often ignored. For instance, if a customer raises an issue, make sure you reach out to him/her personally and resolve it.


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