Apr 2017
Field Promax as an Invoice Management Software

An Invoice Management Software will essentially reorganize your financials and keep your books clean and accurate. By using the Invoice Management tool of Field Promax, you will be able to calculate, generate and process your invoices in no time at all.


1. Accurate Invoices


The Invoice Management tool on Field Promax cautions you against improper or inaccurate entries while generating your invoices. By doing so, it not only eliminates any possibility of errors but also, leaves you free of any tedious manual paperwork.


2. Accelerate Invoice Processing


Well, what can be better than an automatically generated invoice? At Field Promax, you can sync your work orders with QuickBooks. From work order generation to invoicing, Field ProMax has got you covered.  


3. Keep Clean Books


You can view your entire work history with a single click. This data is stored at the back-end in an encrypted format and can be accessed by authorized personnel only.


4. Assistance in Verification and Audit


If you are looking at an easy and hassle free audit, you can be sure of one through the Invoice Management tool at Field Promax. Our efficient management of invoices ensures that this information is assessed and analysed without any delay. Our Business Task Management Software monitors the invoicing process in an effective manner and guarantees its accurate working.


5. Smoothen Vendor Relationships


Timely payment of invoice bills makes you a valuable customer to vendors and enhances your relationship with them. Which is why, the Invoice Management tool of Field Promax updates and informs you at regular intervals of any upcoming and/or due payments.


Take the 30-day free trial and see for yourself the many benefits of the Invoice Management tool available on Field Promax!


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Dozens of field service businesses improved their results. What are you waiting for!



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