Apr 2017
Field Promax as a Field Service Scheduling Software

Field Promax as a Field Service Scheduling Software will help you avoid problems associated with communicating with your on-field staff. It completely eliminates the long and tedious paper trail and also, irons out your processes.


No more hand scribbled notes and unreliable reports; all you need is the Field ProMax app to run your business smoothly.


1.     Maintain work orders


The best way to keep track of the work done on-field is to maintain a checklist that your on-field staff can simple check off. Once they do that on the Field Promax app, you will be intimated as well.


If you have multiple work orders, then Field Promax will also help you find the right technician for the right job at the right time. You can simply shuffle between schedules of different technicians if their availability changes last minute. The software also allows techs in the field to obtain a signature from the client, scan/photograph it and upload it directly to the app.


And do not worry, Field Promax will update databases and maintain all records accordingly.



2.     Integrate with QuickBooks


Field Promax as a Field Service Scheduling Software integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks to help maintain your financial records flawlessly, no matter what your billing cycle is.


You can generate invoices directly from the work orders, ensuring no mistake is committed in billing the client.


3.     User friendly


Field ProMax is apt for any team member irrespective of their technological know-how. It’s an easy, friendly and dynamic interface, which makes work more efficient, effective and energizing.


All in all, Field Promax as a Field Service Scheduling Software, along with its integration with QuickBooks, can help you manage work orders and billing operations easily and you can expect excellent returns over your investment.


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