Feb 2016

Field service scheduling is difficult to maintain, especially if you are in the habit of using paper documents for the purpose. There are major problems that you will likely have to deal with, including but not limited to the loss of documents, wrong data input due to illegible handwriting of technicians in the field, and misplacement of financial documents, as well as work orders.

Field service scheduling software can help in maintaining work orders.

The order in which different tasks will be done in the field can be easily maintained using a field service scheduling software. Simply prepare the schedules beforehand and ask your technicians to check off tasks as they are done. The data will be automatically updated in the database you have back at office, ensuring no work schedule is ever missed. Also, the system ensures you can shuffle schedules between technicians if and when necessary. Simply drag and drop schedules to exchange them between techs who are running late and who are able to get to the site quickly. The software will update databases and maintain all records accordingly.

Field service scheduling software integrated with QuickBooks make billing easy.

Whether you are supposed to be paid by the client on a day-to-day basis or once at the end of a billing cycle, a field service scheduling software integrated with QuickBooks can help you maintain financial records flawlessly. Not only that, it can help in generating invoices directly from the work orders, ensuring no mistake is committed in billing the client. What’s more - the software also allows techs in the field to obtain signature from the client, scan/photograph it and upload it directly to the database.

Work order scheduling software needs to be user-friendly, though.

If you allow supervisors to update and maintain work orders of groups, then make sure the software you opt for is easy to understand and use, even for blue collar employees. You cannot always expect such employees to be technology savvy. Also, be sure that the interface of the dashboard is easy to use. if it is too complicated, employees will likely waste time navigating through it at the time of work.

All in all, a field service scheduling software integrated with QuickBooks can help you manage work orders and billing operations flawlessly. As long as you choose one that can be used even by non-techies properly, you can expect excellent returns over your investment, in the form of cold, hard profits.

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