Jan 2016
Why you should manage work with work order tracking software in a paperless way

Work order tracking software makes managers’ tasks hassle free:

It should come as no surprise to you if we tell you that processing work orders manually causes wastage of a lot of time. There are work schedules to be prepared and handed to employees, who have to fill them up once the work is done and file it. However, there is another major problem to maintaining work orders manually - it is the loss of productivity. Not only do employees have to break workflow to fill up work orders, but also lose their focus in the process. Work order tracking software can solve this problem, reducing the wastage of time and boosting employee productivity. Besides, going paperless helps running eco-friendly operations, thereby improving the carbon rating of a company, to a considerable extent. Here’s how:

Preparing work orders becomes an easy task:

Using work order and scheduling software, managers can prepare work orders quickly and efficiently, without having to manage stacks of paper every time. The work order tracking software has different sections, accessible by managers or employees as per their security clearances. All employees working on a particular task, for instance, can access work orders for the same through a common, usually web-based or mobile interface, and fill them up with just a few taps. This makes it easy for managers to keep track of who’s working on which task. Also, the elimination of paper as the medium of preparing and maintaining work orders helps in keeping the day to day operations environmentally sustainable.

Whenever a work order is issued or filled up, an entry is automatically created in the back end database, which is updated as the work is done. That way, managers can access a history of work orders created over a particular period of time with just a click, track the status of each order, and generate reports directly from the database. There is no messing up of work orders during juggling mountains of paperwork. The entire process is easy and eco-friendly.

This is how work order scheduling software can help in improving employee productivity and helping companies run eco-friendly operations. Check out our work order tracking software solutions today to run your business operations smoothly and with increased productivity from both employees and managers.

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