Jan 2016

Quickbook Integrated Work order management Software is the first concern you need to address

Running a field service business can be quite complicated, considering you need to keep track of so many little details related to everyday work. From determining the order in which the tasks for the day will be done to generating proper invoice for every payment cycle, every little detail has to be taken care of, so that both your technicians and the client can work together without any complaint.

Maintaining proper records regarding work order using pen and paper is not only time consuming, but also increases the risk of errors to a great extent. First of all, maintaining all those paper documents is a major hassle. Besides, the handwriting of all your employees may not be legible, causing your clerks and accountants to make mistakes with facts and figures. Finally, paper documents may also be lost en route, forcing your technicians to rely on memory to fill in the blanks. All of these errors can be eliminated by using a QuickBooks integrated field service scheduling software.

Proper invoicing is another major concern you need to handle

All of the errors in work order scheduling also reflect on invoicing, and this is where the errors go from annoying to dangerous. On one hand, you can simply miss a payment, because you lost the printed work order. Even worse, a client who has been billed extra can quickly opt for legal action, leading to loss of reputation of your business. With a paperless Quickbooks integrated work order management and scheduling software you can be sure all your invoices are generated as soon as the work is completed by your service provider. No hassle, no missing payments, no overcharging and more importantly, you will be paid faster. There’s simply no risk of committing errors here.

Ease of use is a factor you simply cannot ignore either

Let’s face it - many of your blue collar employees are not tech savvy and trying to get them familiarized with a complex software can be quite a nightmare. That’s why you need work order and scheduling software that are easy to use for just about anyone. The easier and hassle free the Quickbooks Integrated Work order management software is to use, the greater the chance that your employees will adopt it in their work schedules.

Work order management and field service scheduling are two tasks that can be easily tracked and recorded flawlessly at every step, provided you have the right software for the job. Get 30 day free trial and try Field Promax today! Find out how easily it can help you manage proper records for your field service business.

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