Jan 2016
7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a QuickBooks Integrated Field Service management Software

If you already use QuickBooks, then using a Field Service Management software integrated with it can be a major asset for you. Here are 7 reasons for that:

Save time

Using software compatible with Quickbooks integrated Field Service Management Software module, your technicians can input data directly into QuickBooks through a user friendly interface. That way, you do not have to worry about their hand writings being illegible, or them mistakenly inputting wrong data. All of these improvements will save time, every day.

Rearrange work schedules

A QuickBooks integrated software can make shuffling work orders ridiculously easy. If a technician is running late, all your dispatchers have to do is to drag and drop to exchange his work with someone else on the basis of priority. The overall work process remains unaffected and the work is also done more efficiently.

Get a bird’s eye view of all processes 

Access to all work schedules through a single, integrated interface makes a work order management software integrated with QuickBooks extremely handy. Work schedules can also be filtered to see which technicians have worked for maximum hours, who have brought in most payment, and so on.

Use digital work orders to reduce expenses 

Maintaining digital records of work eliminates the need to use paper documents, which not only cost more in the long run but can also be lost in transit from the site to the office, thereby leading to major problems.

Collect the client’s signature on financial documents 

With digital signatures, collecting the client’s approval can be very easy. Technicians can either ask the client to sign payment orders using a tablet and stylus, or simply get the signature on a paper document, scan/photograph it and upload it to the software.

Maintain equipment service data 

Storing all customers’ contact details, including information about equipment, can help your technicians become aware of service histories with just a single click. Naturally, they can offer more efficient services in the field and increase rate of customer satisfaction.

Track the work efficiently 

Managing work orders with Quickbooks integrated field service management software means you can always track every single task, right from your office. From tracking work locations via GPS to keeping an eye on payments through payment modules - everything is possible through an integrated, user-friendly dashboard.

These are just 7 of the most important reasons why you should consider using an QuickBooks integrated order management software to run your business efficiently.

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