Apr 2016

Intuit has been talking about turning down their Sync Manager for QuickBooks Desktop for a couple of years already. Recently, the rumours became reality and now, if you are using any software integrated with QuickBooks Desktop, your data will not be synced.

So, what shall you do? It is rather simple. You have just 2 options:

  1. Switch to QuickBooks Online
  2. Find a solution to sync without the Sync Manager

Switching to QuickBooks Online might be an option, but moving your whole business from offline to online is a timely task and it also should not be based on the external factors. Or maybe you are not comfortable with going online every time to do your bookkeeping? On the other hand, with Intuit Sync Manager being down, you will have to enter all your details twice: once into your work order management software and then, to QuickBooks Desktop. No doubt that is a time-consuming, useless and mundane work.

Well, that is why we strongly advise you to take the second path. A lot of our users share that they don’t want to move to QuickBooks online, but they still need to sync their data. That is why we have developed the Web Connector.

So what is this Web Connector?

Web Connector is a software application that synchronizes data between QuickBooks and software applications like Field Promax. The set-up process with Web Connector is very simple. The only thing you need to do is login with both FieldPromax and QuickBooks Desktop and to download a small executable that will sync your data between QuickBooks Desktop and FieldPromax. 

So, if you still want to use QuickBooks Desktop without entering the same data to your work order management software separately, sign up for our Free Trial Now and enjoy the fast, easy and paperless work order management and invoicing with QuickBooks Desktop!

Have questions? Drop us a line at!

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