Aug 2015
The need for an HVAC Scheduling Software

The biggest problem in job scheduling for HVAC is wasted time. Yes, we all know that. Time spent in job coordination, paperwork and travel are big cost issues for everyone. You know these tasks require time; but do you realize how much of your time can be saved using field service software? How can a little app on a tablet save you money? Even though the benefits of going with paperless work order management may seem small by themselves,combined they create the “on-site” office that you need. On the client side you can....

  • Get the estimate, scheduling and approval fast. People hate having to deal with multiple appointments and workers.
  • Get those estimates and invoices into the customers hands while you're on the job. Eliminate endless trips, phone calls and questions by giving them answers without waiting.
  • Eliminate the appointment “window” that ties both you and the client must deal with in order to keep order.
  • Eliminate the waiting game between the initial order, estimating, and waiting for the “go-ahead” before the actual work starts.
  • You can accept credit cards, checks or cash – and keep track of funds as you get them. No more lost money or opportunity!

On the service side you can...

  • Keep your equipment and crew on the road instead of returning to base. Eliminate the need for checking in, delays from not knowing who or what is where.
  • Control the information needed to run the business. No more wondering who has it, where it is, or if everyone is on the same page.
  • Use the interactive map to ensure you and your crew are not crisscrossing the service area, passing by work or potential work along the way.
  • You can schedule appointments, emergency calls and back-office chores from the truck. Hours of thinking “I just passed there” are reduced to minutes with “I'm only five minutes from there”.

Increased time management means increased income. Right? Right. But can a small operation benefit from field service software like the big guys? Yes! In fact, utilizing a field service app makes the small guy just as efficient and competitive as the big guys. Again, time is important for a small operation or one-man company. HVAC scheduling software clears up a whole host of time issues, allowing you to stay on top of the business while being out where you belong – with the customers. And we almost forgot – you can sync your software with Quick Books to keep information accurate and in one place.

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