Aug 2015
The Perks of Considering FieldProMax as Your Work Order Management Software

FieldProMax is slowly but surely gaining market recognition as one of the most easy to use and cost effective work order management software during these days. And this is not just an empty boast we make, we base this statement on the feedback of our growing client base. This software application is designed to help field service businesses, and in the broadest sense improve, make, and dispatch their work orders in a much efficient manner to their customers and field workers as well.

This article aims to lay some facts on the table. With FieldProMax, there are stated benefits for starters, and then those that go beyond the obvious. Let’s run through all of these in a random order. Firstly, through FieldProMax, field managers can also produce sale invoices as well as manage a huge amount of workload without experiencing any hassles. This said, field managers are able to accomplish their job and finish work orders within the schedule or provided time period of their clients.

FieldProMax also helps field managers in monitoring dispatched work orders until it’s delivered to their clients. If you are utilizing FieldProMax, each of your field employees will receive as well as send the work order status assigned to them. Due to this amazing benefits of FieldProMax, it has gained reputation and fame among field service businesses because of its easy-to-use features. Anyone who uses Field Promax can install it on any devices including tablet, PC, laptop, and smartphone effortlessly.

In addition to its amazing capabilities, FieldProMax also allows field managers to sync all information from their customers and some work order details from QuickBooks in an effective manner. Through its job scheduling functionality, field managers can schedule and assign work order to their field workers with convenience. They can also dispatch reports to the smartphone of the project manager who can monitor the work order status once the field workers update it.

Now comes the extras, or the perks that you can get out of FieldProMax. As mentioned earlier, it functions as a scheduling software that additionally helps you manage your business data efficiently. Unlike other systems, FieldProMax can take your worries away from errors and miscalculations in revenue and data management. The reason behind this is that it has the power to integrate your workflow approach when managing field service business in a much easier way. It also lets users to sync data with their field workers and customers through QuikBooks. Since FieldProMax allow paperless job schedules, field managers have nothing to worry about in finishing work orders. When it comes to reports, FieldProMax can also help post the reports regarding work order completion and let you produce invoices in QuickBooks.

Another extra perk in the benefit list of this work order management software is that it can offer you better work scheduling. The simple user interface of FieldProMax lets you drag and drop everything you need for a work order. You can also click and view which technician or field worker is available, enabling you to assign work orders easily. Field managers can also keep their customers updated after assigning the work order. FieldProMax also allows users to send emails to their clients.

Staying connected with your field workers is also never a problem with FieldProMax. It helps field managers to keep in touch with their workers by allowing them to send an update about their work order.

So, if you are operating a field service business, never hesitate using FieldProMax today and reap all of its offered benefits!

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