Nov 2016
Top 3 tips to increase your field technician's work efficiency

Field technicians are the core of any field service company and yet, very seldom is the workforce productivity a priority for a field service business. Most of the time, the whole attention is focused on acquiring more clients and growing the income.

But is income growth equal to profit growth? If your workforce management process is inefficient, then the answer is NO. No matter how many more clients you acquire and how much you grow your income, your profit will not grow proportionally.

Why? Because for each new customer you will have to hire new service providers, purchase new equipment, vans, etc.

A study conducted by The Service Council reported that 67% of the companies find opportunities for improving the workflow efficiency, while 33% discover revenue enhancement opportunities. These figures highlight the strong link between the service provider efficiency and the revenue growth of the company.

So the question remains, how can you make your technicians more productive?

  1. Start with defining and managing your efficiency goals: What does it mean for you to be efficient? How are you going to measure the efficiency? You need to have a tool that will keep track of your key metrics, which in case of workforce efficiency is usually the difference between the hours worked and hours paid for. If the number is close to zero, you can be sure, your team is as effective as possible.
  2. Get the Right Communication Equipment and Use the Right Apps: Your efficiency also depends on how fast you will resolve the issues of each of your customers. The more customers each of your technician visits per day, the more revenue you will have at the end of the day. For technicians to complete the job faster, you need to provide them with as much information about the job and required resources in advance, as possible. Empower your technicians to take their favorite smart mobile device to work. On that device, load up a smart tool that lets them look up various work orders for the day, get driving directions to the customer site, and make sure they have the right parts for those jobs.

     Increase technicians efficiency

  3. Close and Wrap-up Work Orders With One Click. Ultimately, a technician is best utilized when he can finish the current job efficiently and possibly bring in additional service revenue by selling more services. To that end, send your technician with the right tools to produce a comprehensive service report upon job completion that rightly tracks the parts, its pricing and hours billed. Enable your service provider to collect your client’s signature on the mobile device and you will save hours of time on work order debrief and invoice generation.

These suggestions are only a few of the many ways to reach your field workforce’s full potential. Ultimately, good management combined with the right technology is the key to improving field service productivity. Try Field Promax 30 days Free Trial, we are sure you will love it!


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