Apr 2016

Let's start with what workflow mobility is.


By going paperless, many businesses today are gaining customers and reigning in profits. The concept of workflow mobility is simple: You use mobile interface and digital technology to manage, assign and complete work.


In practice, it is as simple as allowing your on-field technician know where the next job is, what is the location, what kind of job it is and letting him update it when work is complete, all without calling him to the office.


Why is it important for field service businesses?


The staff that is on-field and is interacting with clients, is the face of the company. Therefore, it becomes essential to optimise their productivity to ensure that clients are satisfied and the company is profitable.


As a business owner, one question is always on your mind: “How to cut costs and increase profitability?”


Mobility cuts the company costs and maximizes profitability.

Here is how:

  • Cut non-billable time: The time your technicians spend on travelling, finding information and trying to connect with the back-office from road is not billable. Implementation of workforce mobility solution can cut this time and thus, also cut your costs.

  • Eliminate inventory shrinkage: Keeping an updated inventory is essential. Whenever a technician uses a product on-field, it should be removed from the inventory. This will help avoid any sudden demands that you cannot meet because of incorrect inventory.

  • Reduce overhead costs: Your service providers will know when and where to go as soon as the work order is created in the office. This means that they will not have to travel back and forth after every finished job. This will help cut excess diesel costs and traveling time.


Another important question is “How to gain new customers? And how to keep the existing customers?”

The answer is mobility increases profits and customer retention rate.

  • Quickly response to customers’ emergency calls: Send the work order with all the details to the technician that is closest to the job location using GPS tracking.

  • Listen to the customer: Always have the right parts and customer history in hand. This will help your technicians complete the job in one go.

  • Provide a holistic service: Create an estimate for any follow-up job on spot and do not give your customers any opportunity or need to consult with your competitors.


The third question that bothers a business owner is how to create and retain a good team of technicians?

Mobility will help you find the best service providers and keep them in your team.

  • Ease the workload of your technicians: Give them remote access to all the information that helps them do their jobs (worksite notes and photos, job description, manuals and GPS routing).

  • Pay competitively:  Enable them add expenses they have done from their pocket and reimburse them afterwards.

  • Provide flexibility to your dispatcher: Allowing for a little flexibility never hurts! You can do that by giving the technicians some choice in the jobs they want to do and certain time flexibility.


How do you implement workflow mobility?

Workflow mobility is not an additional cost. Most people, today, use smartphones and have internet access. For instance, the Field ProMax App makes work easy for on-field technicians and because of its very simple interface it does not take a lot of time to get used to.

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